Why I Won’t Follow You to Facebook from Twitter

Photo by afagen on Flickr

Photo by afagen on Flickr

You just found an interesting account on Twitter. You perform your due diligence: read their bio, browse a few tweets to make sure they’re not spam, and you like what you see. So you click “Follow.” And some time in the next few hours, you get an auto-response. Oh dear.

Thanks for the follow! Please join me on Facebook, too! {link}

Well… no.

Now I’m not saying the auto-response is a bad thing. If used effectively, it can be valuable real estate for connecting with your new followers. But the last thing we want to read is another boring sales pitch, which is essentially what the message above is.

So how do you make it more effective?

If you really want to use an auto-DM to direct new fans to your Facebook page, then tell me why. I need a reason. What can I get on Facebook that I won’t get through the Twitter account I just followed? Nothing? Then why would I follow both?

Which leads me to a secondary point: your Twitter and Facebook streams should not be duplicates of each other, for the exact reason I just gave. If they’re not different, then why should anyone follow both?

So diversify a bit. Tell me to follow your Facebook page for weekly trivia contests (eBook/ticket/anything giveaways or skip the prize and do it for fun), local event announcements (via Facebook Events), photo albums, testimonials, or more info about you (since all three are easier to curate on Facebook). Be creative. Each platform has its abilities and strengths. Just give me a why.

The same goes for auto-responses telling me to visit your blog, join your email list, or buy your eBook. Engage me.

Have you ever received any clever auto-response messages? What would you say on yours?

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